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I guess that when you start talking about Athens it becomes hard to stop or to know where to stop. Up to this day, people all over the world have been glorifing this city. So small but yet enormously big in content, in what it has to offer, is what makes this city unique. You can walk through, drive through, go from one mean of public transportation to another and still have a piece of magic before your eyes. There is not one or two must-see places and monuments. There are so many choices that is possible leaving Athens without seeing it all. There is even a chance of coming back to Athens and leave once more without being able to say "there is nothing left". A rich city not for its modern architecture but because it is full of life. Maybe you could close your eyes and your imagination could be brought to life.

Athens private tours know how this city works, lives, celebrates. Our private tours can show you the way of living the Athens experience to the fullest. We believe that this is your hope and we know that this is our goal. Providing you with the best quality of services and reliving it all with you is our passion. Taking you to traditional taverns and watching you as the food is tantalizing your taste buds or seeing your reactions when you try ouzo for the first time are moments full of joy. As we guide you through the city and its goods, we also learn. We expand our knowledge because we react with you. There is nothing that you would like to experience and is not offered. Imagine yourself strolling through the little streets of Acropolis at night when it is so quiet that all you want to do is gaze to infinity and wonder what lies on the other side. A city full of mysteries and wonders that you can explore by choosing Athens private tours.