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One of the most popular tourist islands in the Mediterranean and entire Greece for the last six decades. The meeting point and trademark on the island, are the windmills, which stands proudly for centuries in a low hill near the port. A beautiful island in the Cyclades group, with flower garden little white houses, blue windows and doors, hand painted streets, windmills, chimneys, lots of small churches and fabulous restaurants, cafes and bars.

Mykonos island is endowed with golden beaches crystal clear waters, in a beautiful position with impressive architecture and of course friendly people and magical nights of entertainment. With dominant element the white color of the houses and the grey stone, in combination with the touch of the wind and the smell of the sea, Mykonos carries a centuries-old culture and succeeds to remain indelible in every visitor’s memory. Southeastern of Mykonos is the island of Delos, one of the Greek islands' top ancient sites.

Mykonos private tours will guide you through and will drive you anywhere, according to your needs and taste.

Mykonos is full of places that you will, definitely, want to visit.

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